Winter Safety Tips

Winter is here and the frigid temperatures and snow are leading to plenty of ice cover on our roads and walkways.  Unfortunately work doesn’t stop for us in winter, so safety needs to be top of mind.  Protect yourself (and remind your employees, too) from slips, trips and falls by walking like a penguin…seriously!

Here are some great tips to keep in mind as temperatures drop again below zero this weekend:

  • Walk with arms extended to the side and feet pointed slightly outward
  • Take smaller steps and watch where you’re stepping
  • Wear footwear with slip-resistant soles and good treads
  • Don’t take shortcuts – take designated walkways if possible
  • Use 3 points of contact when getting in and our of vehicles
Walk Like a Penguin

Walk Like a Penguin

It is also good to inspect your surroundings at work.  Here are some good habits:

  • Perform daily job-site inspections to look for hazards created by snow and ice
    • keep an eye on walkways, work platforms, stairs, ladders, etc.
  • Report icy sidewalks to building managers
  • Use salt and sand where you can
  • Don’t allow snow piles to get too high and block the view of workers & drivers
  • Remove large icicles when possible, otherwise rope off the area under them

Safety is a TEAM effort – take it slow!

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