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A little snow today is nothing when you keep in mind our forecast for next week is bringing us 50’s again!  Spring is right around the corner!  You know what that means…Spring Cleaning.  But you don’t need to worry.  In fact, my morning devotional today was on just that – worry.  Did you know that when you let Joy into your heart and live each day focusing on the good, there is no room for worry!  Such a great thought!  And why worry about Spring Cleaning when my team can bring you joy by taking care of the spring cleaning for you.  At ServiceMaster by Ayotte we have something you need!

Maybe cleaning your own house brings you joy – that is wonderful!  (are you looking for a job?!?)  But seriously, maybe you know someone who needs house cleaning or carpet cleaning before family comes over for Easter?  We love referrals!  Our team is ready to take away your worry and ensure you are filled with joy when you come home to ServiceMaster Clean home.

Did I mention that we love referrals?  Do you know someone that owns a business that may benefit from having us clean for them…even if it is a one-time spring cleaning?  When you refer a business referral to us, we will reward you.  That is right!  There is no better business than that that comes from a current customer.  Throughout March and April, any business referral that we receive from our current customers earns you a $50 bill credit (‘dollar-dollar bills y’all’…as my husband would say)!

Speaking of my husband, did you know that he owns a construction business, Deutsche Contracting, Inc.  Hans has been in business for over 14 years.  Although he completes our ServiceMaster restoration repair, he specializes in remodeling and finish carpentry.  How about some home or business improvement projects…now is the perfect time to start thinking renovation.

Of course, with any renovation comes the need for post construction cleaning!  Another specialty of ours with teams just waiting to clean up someone else’s mess.

So when you think of spring, I hope you think of all things new and clean and of course yellow…ServiceMaster yellow!

For more information on our services or to schedule your free no-hassle estimate for any of the services listed above, call our office at 877.945.0993.

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