Unite Through Kindness During Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018

Every year our team encourages each other and our clients to participate in the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation‘s dedicated week and annual celebration of kindness. This year the celebration takes place starting Sunday, February 11,2018 through Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Watch for our random acts next week — we will be sharing them through our social media channels. Acts may include giving away experiences or services to some of our followers and making a difference through a drive thru — make sure to follow along!

What could you do today to leave the world better than when you found it? Kindness decreases anxiety, stress, pain, depression and even blood pressure according to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. the RAK Foundation puts out a calendar every year with ideas on how to spread kindess. Take a peek at the inspiration for February and download the rest of the year here.

The foundation is also encouraging people to share their stories about one person who inspired you to be a better human. Share their photo and story with us and tag the RAK Foundation using the hashtag #RAKWeek2018.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.56.13 AM.png

We are excited to see what we and others inspire! Share your experience with us in the comments below or on Facebook!

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