Tidy Up Your Business for Spring

You know that feeling after being cooped up all winter, when you have that first warm and sunny spring day and you open your windows to breath the fresh spring air?

Imagine that same feeling for your office! Follow these simple steps and let your spring fever take over your workspace.

Get rid of that after-winter-grime, you know what we are talking about. That dirt and debris leftover after the snow melts. Pick up any garbage around the outside of your office and grab a buck with soap and water, scrub that grime off of exterior doors and windows. Washing your windows will let that beautiful spring light shine through. Clean up your exterior rugs or entrance mats, or replace with new ones for the season. Your office will instantly feel freshened up from the outside in!

Moving on to the inside… plants are not only easy on the eyes, but they are easy on the air! Bring the outdoors in with some spring arrangements with colorful flowers or green plants. Keeping plants alive not your thing? That’s ok! Fake flowers and foliage also help give that look that spring has sprung.

Have you had your carpets and flooring deep cleaned lately? A good deep clean is so much more than just a regular vacuuming. With all of the salt and slush that gets tracked in during the colder months, a good deep cleaning do wonders to refresh your carpet fibers and surface flooring. ServiceMaster by Ayotte are experts when it comes to carpet cleaning and we’d love to help you!

Declutter around your office, all of the items that were accumulated over the past few months. Some of those items that aren’t being used anymore take up valuable space. Take a look around for unused chairs, old desks, empty file cabinets, and outdated equipment. Take a look around your breakroom, are all of the items being used and cleaned regularly? Are all of the appliances up to date and in good working order?

And who doesn’t love new systems and fixtures? Implement some new eco-friendly systems for recycling and update your lighting with more energy efficient lightbulbs. Not only will new bulbs help shine light on the situation, literally, but they will also help save your company money on energy bills.

Make sure to clean some of those areas that may get forgotten about on the regularly. Not sure what those areas might be? Check out our blog on 8 Places Businesses Forget to Clean.

Tidying up your business will take some time, there might be some jobs that make sense for you to tackle yourself, while others should be left to the professionals. Give ServiceMaster by Ayotte a call today and learn about the ways our services can help freshen up your workspace!

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