Summer Storms and Your Business

Mother Nature is unpredictable! Summer thunder storms can bring with them multiple threats such as thunder, lightning, hail, heavy rain, flash flooding, and strong winds. Thunderstorms are always accompanied by lightning. Lightning brings with it many risks! The risk of power surges, structural damage, and even destructive fires. That is why it is important to understand how you can keep your business safe during one of these summer storms!

Lightning started a fire?

If lightning causes a fire at or near your business, make sure you call emergency services immediately. Fire can bring with it a multitude of damage even indirectly. Consider installing a lightning rod on your building to direct lightning strikes to one safe space.

Lightning caused power surge damage?

If lightning strikes a power line, telephone wire, or even your business itself – the strong electrical current combined with that burst of electricity can cause serious damage to your electrical devices. These power surges can damage and even destroy your computers, telephone systems, your appliances, and any other electronic that may be plugged-in. If you know a thunderstorm is approaching, unplug all of your office’s electronic devices beforehand to prevent power surges and install surge protection devices or grounding systems at your office.

Lightning caused structural damage?

Summer storms can cause a plethora of structural damage in different forms. Lightning could strike a tree and it could fall on your business, it could blow debris through a window, strong winds can damage roofs, lightning fires can wreak havoc. If you experience any type of damage that leaves your building exposed to the elements you may experience water damage from heavy rain or flash flooding. Trim any trees or large branches that risk falling on your business during a storm. Train your staff about the threats of summer storms in your area.

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