September – National Preparedness Month

September is recognized as National Preparedness Month.  A time to plan and prepare for the unexpected; emergencies that may affect your home, business or the places we visit.  Being prepared and knowing what to do is the first step.  On the brink of the recent flooding that has affected the south, Baton Rouge in particular, Emergency Preparedness should be top of mind.

For business’, ServiceMaster by Ayotte is making it easy for you to be prepared.  Our network of SRM (ServiceMaster Recovery Management) experts have a full-service continuity planning guide in place ready to implement in your business.  Big or small, local or nationwide, we are here to assist you, ensuring you are ready for the unexpected.  With the resources to respond, restore and recover, we put you back in business!

Why is having a robust business continuity plan and forming a relationship with a property restoration partner so important, you may ask?  Business continuity poses one of the more serious risks to companies due to an increase in natural disasters, man-made disruptions and biological/geo-political events.  There is a need for a holistic approach to continuity planning that include emergency response, crisis management, disaster recovery and operational resiliency.  With proper planning and aligning your business with the best strategic partners in the industry, your company will not only survive a major event, but thrive in its aftermath.

In the event of a disaster, if you want unparalleled resources, equipment, manpower and expertise, paired with best in class customer service, you need ServiceMaster by Ayotte and the experts at SRM!

Call us today to start your continuity planning – 877.945.0993!



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