Resolve to be Clean!

New Year’s resolutions are great. They’re a way to help us re-order our lives, to correct minor problems, and to just feel a whole lot better about who we are and what we do every day.

But that doesn’t make them easy.

So, instead of offering some “resolutions” for your cleaning habits in 2020, let’s talk about actual cleaning habits. These are a few (very small) things you can do each day that will get your house looking better before you know it. Best of all, these are easy!

  • Wipe that table! – After every meal, use a soapy washcloth to clean and wipe down your table. Keep stains or discolorations from setting in, and make your home a healthier place at the same time!
  • Junk the junk drawer – Every time you get the urge to toss this-or-that into the “junk drawer” around your house, pause for a second. Is what you were about to put away really “junk”? Then throw it out! If not, then it doesn’t belong in the junk drawer. Find its proper home elsewhere in the house.
  • Shower the shower – Spritz some after-shower spray on the tile and metalwork in your shower after every use. You’ll love the cleanliness–and the ease of doing it right then, instead of waiting for gunk to build up!
  • 5 Minute Power Clean – Before you sit down for dinner, set a stopwatch for five minutes. Then, go around the house until the clock stops, picking things up, putting things up, and cleaning things up. Just five minutes a day adds up to a huge difference in a short amount of time.

Even with these little habits, though, cleaning is still difficult and time-consuming. If your home or office could use a good scrub, or if you’re looking for regular cleaning or janitorial services, give ServiceMaster a call today. Our number is (507) 366-7149, and we’d love to help you feel good about your space this year–and this decade!

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