Random Acts of Kindness

This week is Random Acts of Kindness.  In years past, we have taken this week to give back to our customers, vendors and community partners.  It really is a fun way to say ‘Thank You’ for just being you!  This week will be no different.  We have several surprises planned, but most importantly, this year we are on a mission to spread kindness.

In my household, as my husband and I have journeyed down the path of raising three children, we have given our kids just one Golden Rule; Be Kind and Loving With Your Words and Actions.  That is it.  Our children know that if this is their focus, each and every day, despite expected bumps, they will never let us down.  Even though we use this as a simple way to remind our children to ‘do what is right’, it often times is equally a reminder for us.

Life can get busy, hectic and down right hard.  Work puts the pressure on and family commitments just do not let up any.  In our natural ‘busy’ state, we all need a reminder that Kindness Rules.  This week, we are giving you just that.  Small simple reminders each day; my favorite quotes, sayings and even a few of our very own words of wisdom.

I hope you enjoy this little break as we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness week!

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