Post Construction Clean

We have a story to tell you: You’ve built your dream home. It’s time to move in. The closing is next week and you’re dreaming of your first morning spent in this house. The final walk-through is next week but you can’t help yourself, you’re inspecting it right now. You open up the kitchen cabinets and — bam — the dust hits your face. Your custom cabinets came with dust. There is sticky stuff on your hardwood floor from the painters putting tape down to protect the island from your gray matte paint. You notice the basement is still full of chunks of dirt and cement. Now all you can see is your first morning spent cleaning. Cleaning your own brand new home.

Have no fear!! ServiceMaster by Ayotte can help you take care of dirt and grime that shouldn’t exist in your new home on moving day! We can clean the (unfinished) basement, your windows, your vanity drawers, and vacuum the crumbs off the floor.

Our team works together and can clean your entire home quickly and efficiently.

Call us (or have your contractor call us) when you’re ready to move in.

Demand the Yellow Van!

Post Construction Clean-1602.jpgPost Construction Clean-1633.jpg

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