Meet our team — Pablo Orrego

IMG_9455Pablo Orrego is one of our Disaster Restoration Technicians. He has been with ServiceMaster by Ayotte for two years. He has lived in Northfield for the past five years, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Carina and their three children – two boys (13 and 7) and a 2 month old baby girl. Pablo and his wife recently celebrate their 14 year wedding anniversary.

In his free time Pablo enjoys going to the movies and the mall. He also likes to play soccer. On Saturday’s you can find him at the Dundas dome. He also really enjoys watching the MN United team.

What is your role within ServiceMaster by Ayotte?

“I am a DR Technician. I work on jobs with cleaning homes after damage, that could include stripping and finishing floors. Jobs that I work on often involve water damage, which is a priority.”

What got you started in this industry?

“My brother, Cristhian, helped me get into this industry.”

What were you most surprised to learn about when starting out in this industry?

“I was really surprised when I started working with water damage to see how much damage water can cause.”

What is your favorite part of the job?

“I really enjoy water jobs. I like that each job is different.”

What is one thing nobody knows about you?IMG_1700

“People may not know that I am a really good baker. I bake for my kids birthdays. Some favorites are: Black Forrest cake, Chocolate, and Tree milk.”

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