Kitchen Fire? Here’s what to do

kitchen_fires1.jpgAre you planning to cook this holiday season? Then it’s time to learn a few ways to deal with kitchen fires. Don’t worry – with the right prep and making safe decisions – you can reduce the risk of fire significantly.


Keep in mind that depending on the type of fire, the response will be different. We’ve outlined two common causes for kitchen fires below, along with tips for prevention and instructions on how to put out a fire if one should start.


  • Use a timer (a loud timer!)
  • Keep flammable items – such as towels, curtains, and food packaging- away from the oven, stove or any appliance that generates heat.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place.
  • Clean the top of your stove often and clean up grease and/or oil spills.
  • For more safety tips, see our post 4 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen For a Safe Thanksgiving

Grease Fire

Never, ever pour water on a grease fire. It can seem counter-intuitive but pouring water on a grease fire will actually make the fire worse. The best way to stop a grease fire is to smother it. Follow these steps to contain a grease fire on your stove:

  1. Place a lid over the pan. It is best to slide it over, and not just drop it on top of the pan.
  2. Turn off the burner.
  3. If the fire has moved outside the pan, baking soda can be used to smother the flame.
  4. If the fire is large, use a fire extinguisher.
  5. Leave the pan where it is – don’t move it to the sink or outside.
  6. Wait until the pan has completely cooled before removing the lid and taking care of the contents.

Oven Fire

Use a drip pan in the oven to catch drips and spills that can cause a fire. Also, establish a regular cleaning schedule to prevent build-up of crumbs and pieces that could catch fire.

  1. If you see there is a fire in your oven, don’t open the door. Opening the door will give oxygen to the fire, making it bigger and increasing the risk of it spreading.
  2. If you see flames coming out the top, sides, or bottom of the oven door -turn off the heat immediately. 
  3. Use a fire extinguisher for large flames.
  4. Use baking soda for smaller flames.
  5. Once the fire has been extinguished, leave the oven door closed for at least 30 minutes.

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