Keeping Mold Allergens Out of Your Home

Did you know we’re all exposed to mold, both indoors and outdoors? Mold is a fungus that relies on both food and water to survive by breaking down plant or animal matter. As part of its reproduction cycle, mold spores often become airborne. Mold spores can be trouble some to those with allergic rhinitis or asthma, triggering unwanted attacks. While mold allergies don’t become an issue until July or late summer, the forecast expects higher mold counts for this June. Keep mold allergens out of your home this summer by following these tips.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Make sure you’re keeping your house clean. Prevent mold growth by paying special attention to moist areas in your home. This will also prevent any mold spores from going airborne. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for extremely damp rooms.

Keep Your Windows Closed
While a light summer breeze may feel wonderful flowing through your home, it may also bring airborne allergens with it. Keep your windows closed. Use air-conditioning throughout the summer and into the fall.

Dry Your Laundry Inside
Drying your laundry inside will help prevent your clothes from trapping allergens floating on the wind.

Wash Your Hands
Always wash your hands and face after coming in from the outdoors. Shower before you go to bed at night to keep allergens from attaching to your bed linens.

Allergies only getting worse? If you suspect a severe mold problem in your home, we’re here to help. Call us and inquire about our Mold Remediation services. Our team of cleaning professionals will identify the problem and your home cleaned in no time.

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