Keep Your Office Carpets Looking New

When it comes to the major investments required for a commercial building, carpet ranks right up there. And, the best to preserve this investment is knowing how to care for it properly.

Here’s how to get the most out of your carpet so it needs to be replaced less often:

1. Vacuum often. While this is common sense, it important to set up a regular schedule so that it doesn’t overlooked or forgotten.
2. Replace the HVAC filters in your office regularly. This limits the amount of dust in your office and thus reduces the amount of soil settling into the carpets.
3. Rotate your office furniture to cut down on carpet wear.
4. Place area rugs at entrances so that employees and visitors have a place to wipe their feet – this is especially important with our ever-changing seasons here in the Midwest.
5. Spot clean whenever possible. Removing stains as soon as possible increases the life of your carpeting.
6. Hire professional cleaners.

Contact us today to discuss a maintenance schedule that is appropriate for your square footage and daily traffic. Putting dates on the calendar helps you stay organized and protects your investment long term.


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