How to Prevent Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets

It’s winter and that means slippery conditions. You probably tackle these like everyone else, with rock salt and other ice melt products. And then it happens, those white salt stains that come every year. Aghast! 

Trying to remove those retched stains yourself can be difficult, and it’s possible to do more harm than good in the process. We are here to offer some tips when it comes to improving the appearance of your carpet this time of year, or call in the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster by Ayotte!

Did you know the salt used to melt ice is much different than your typical table salt? It is made up of many different elements such as sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. These are all highly alkaline in nature which makes it react differently to traditional commercial cleaners compared to other residues. Many commercial cleaning products are also alkaline chemicals so instead of removing the stain it simply strengthens it. It may disappear when wet, but will likely reappear once dried.

Tips for Cleaning:

  • Opt for a high-powered steam cleaner with a low pH, such as a vinegar based solution
  • Professional carpet cleaners like our techs have the proper equipment to get the salt out of your carpets

Tips for Prevention:

  • Clear snow from outside walkways regularly to minimize what gets tracked into your building and vacuum just as regularly to remove what does get tracked in on the day it occurs
  • Invest in mats that will catch most of the salt that does get tracked in by the entry points and longer mats or runners in high traffic areas
  • Hang signs encouraging patrons and employees to wipe their feet

Your business is important, protect your investment. Contact ServiceMaster by Ayotte today for a quote!

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