How to Avoid a Turkey Fryer Fire

 You’ve found the perfect turkey, researched the most amazing recipe and now it’s time to cook!
Did you know that Thanksgiving is the day when the most home fires break out? And that if you use a turkey fryer, the risk of fire increases significantly?

Don’t let your home or the perfect family dinner be ruined. Follow these safety tips to keep your family, home and turkey safe while creating the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.

1. Remove all plastic netting, packaging, and ties from the turkey.

2. To cook properly, the turkey must be completely unthawed. A frozen turkey (or even a cold or wet turkey) placed in a fryer will cause the oil to bubble up and overflow, and very likely start a fire.

3. Use the turkey fryer outdoors, and in an open area away from flammable and combustible materials. Avoid covered or partially open garages, sheds or decks.

4. Place the fryer on a flat and stable surface and make sure it is not at risk for tipping over.

5. Have a thermostat on hand to make sure the oil does not overheat.

6. Have a working fire extinguisher on hand. Test the fire extinguisher according to manufacturer’s directions in advance of cooking. Never, ever use water to try and put out an oil fire.

7. Keep kids and pets away from the fryer.

8. Never, ever, leave the fryer unattended.

9. Have proper protection on hand. These means think pot holders and oven mitts, and long sleeves in case of an oil spatter.

10. Raise and lower the turkey slowly into the oil.

Don’t forget that if you have disaster strike — we are on call 24/7! Stay safe and enjoy your meal!


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