Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

A change in season is always refreshing. During the fall, the air develops a certain crispness that encourages everyone to bundle up in their favorite sweater and grab a warm cup of coffee.

As nice as that sounds, another element warrants special attention to detail this time of year. It’s not as fun as a seasonal drink, but it is important!

It’s fire prevention.

As Disaster Restoration experts, the ServiceMaster by Ayotte team has been called to many scenes that have suffered extensive damage from smoke, fires, and other hazards. It’s no secret that fire is dangerous and devastating, but there are a few ways that you can avoid its impact.

  • Check your dryer vent. Remember to clean out lint and check in on your machine to ensure that it is performing effectively. A faulty machine or too much build-up can act as a “spark” for fire.
  • Maintain your HVAC system. Make a habit of checking in on your HVAC system at least once a year. When something is even slightly wrong with the system, it can pose a danger to the integrity of your home. Ensuring that it is operating correctly will help you feel better overall and could prevent a possible fire!
  • Make sure that your fire alarms are working, and your fire extinguishers are up to date. This sounds like an obvious step, but it can be easy to procrastinate when you have a million other things going on. Schedule some time to check out all the fire alarm systems in your home as well as the extinguishers. When you do it all in one fell swoop, you can be productive and efficient!

At ServiceMaster by Ayotte, we understand that prevention is an important first step towards promoting safety in the home. We also understand that sometimes disasters just happen. We never want you to feel alone during your time of need. You can always turn to our experts for support and solutions.

Stay safe!

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