Do You Know the Air Quality of Your Home?

Winter is here, and it’s the time when most of us in the midwest close our windows, crank up the heat and get our fireplace ready for cold winter nights.

With all these heating elements running, and windows closed, this is also a good time to think about the air quality of your home. Oddly enough, many homeowners don’t consider air quality when thinking about preparing for winter or even spring. However, air quality matters, especially if you have allergies and/or asthma. Additionally, poor air quality in your home can lead to other health issues.

Ultimately, you don’t want to be left guessing the air quality of your home.  We’ve created a list of 5 steps you can take to improve air quality and be confident about what you are breathing in daily.


Yes, it’s might seem obvious, but a regular vacuuming schedule can do wonders for removing dust, dander and dust mites. For more specific guidance, see our post, The 7 Best Carpet Maintenance Tips. Additionally,  consider where you can place rugs to catch dirt and grime tracked in on shoes and pet paws. If you are preparing for the holidays, we gathered a few tips

No Smoking

This includes cigars, e-cigs and any items that produce smoke. Cigarette smoke is the single largest polluter of indoor air. Not to mention that smoke can leave carpet, furniture, curtains, and hardwood floors with residue and grime. If you have guests or family members that smoke, insist they do so outdoors.

Get a dehumidifier

The ideal level of humidity is between 30%-50%. A dehumidifier can prevent or slow the growth of mold and bacteria. Keep in mind that some molds produce mycotoxins and allergens that can cause adverse health effects even in non-allergic individuals. If you don’t want to purchase a dehumidifier, here are a few ways to reduce moisture in the air:

  • Open windows and turn on the fan in bathrooms during and after showers.
  • Turn on kitchen fans for the duration of cooking. 
  • Open the window when your clothes dryer is running to increase venting.

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

 It is important to have your ducts cleaned regularly and to understand the importance they place in keeping the air in your home clean. These two blog posts,  4 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned and How Often Should I have My Ducts Cleaned?, can guide you in deciding on a duct cleaning schedule.

Change Filters

For your heater or furnace, use the following guidelines for changing filters.

  • One-inch filters need to be changed monthly.
  • Four-inch filters should be changed every 3-6 months.

Additionally, filters in appliances such as your vacuum, and air conditioner need to be changed according to the manufacturer instructions. Consider setting a reminder on your phone or computer so you stay up to date.

Ready to improve the air quality of your home?

Start by getting your ducts cleaned. 

Contact ServiceMaster by Ayotte for a quote!


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