1. Clean    2. Disinfect    3. Protect

The system is the solution.


1. Clean

Using EPA-approved products, our team addresses the areas of concern in your home or facility including surfaces, flooring, windows and more.


2. Disinfect

In order to make sure everything is clean and disinfected, our team ensures that the proper product is applied in the correct volume, for the correct amount of time.


3. Protect

Protecting your surfaces means that the impact of our process will be felt after our team finishes a job and sets you up for success.

Offering trusted solutions.

Clorox 360 System

Our team takes your health and safety seriously — and so does this state-of-the-art system! It helps protect your facility with its innovative components. Its electrostatic sprayer pairs with a Total 360® Disinfectant Cleaner, Spore Defense™ Cleaner Disinfectant or Anywhere® Hard Surface Sanitizing Spray. This system uses 65% less solution and works 75% faster, making this system both effective and efficient.


Goldshield’s complex chemistry has many moving parts, starting with a surface penetrating compound (red molecules) that are carried to a substrate’s surface by a Silane component (yellow molecule) with the purpose to breakdown the substrate’s interfacial tension, thus dispersing over the substrate more quickly and more evenly creating a very strong covalent bond, thereby providing for optimally efficient, long-term performance.

This outcome is vastly different than other chemistries therefore allowing Goldshield, when applied to any substrate, continually to kill microbes for months at a high-log reduction (the distinct angular relationship between the atoms in the formula as they match up with the electrons on the substrate’s surface create this unique outcome). Learn more.