Dedicated Cleaning Projects

Let’s face it: You don’t need to clean every last square inch of space.

No one’s home is 100% clean all of the time. We get that. But sometimes, certain areas need more attention than others. That’s why we are proud to offer dedicated cleaning options that tackle a specific point of concern inside your home.

You can schedule a cleaning with the ServiceMaster by Ayotte experts for more contained projects around your home, resulting in an overall impact that’s sure to impress.

Here are a few dedicated cleaning projects within our repertoire:

Windows: Our team can address windows of all shapes and sizes, promoting sparkling clean surfaces and allowing more natural light to enter your home this summer.

Upholstery: Surfaces such as upholstery can be difficult to clean on your own. Our detailed process ensures that the integrity of the upholstery is prioritized and the result is clean and protected.

Lighting fixtures: Lighting fixtures can be in difficult-to-reach areas and involve a little extra elbow grease to make sure that the fixtures are properly cleaned and no electrical issues occur. Our team is attentive to these needs!

Static-proofing: Avoid the shock! Request static-proofing from ServiceMaster by Ayotte. It can be applied to surfaces and furniture and helps you enjoy your home in comfort.

Do you have a dedicated project in your home? Give us a call today to discuss options. We can cover the areas mentioned above, as well as many more!

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