Clean, Protect, and Static-Proof Your Flooring!

Have you ever taken inventory of the types of flooring around your home? Take a minute, look around, and then come back to this blog post because today we’re talking about floor and carpet care.

From carpet to wood to tile and linoleum, there are a lot of surfaces to keep track of. Even the most diligent homeowners can miss crumbs, dust, and stains when cleaning. Whether your home is all carpet, all wood, or a mixture of different types of flooring, it can be exhausting to keep up with their care.

Luckily, you don’t have to tackle it alone. The team at ServiceMaster by Ayotte is known for dedicated carpet care that expands to all other kinds of flooring. Floor and carpet care is one of our most popular service requests, with good reason! When you Demand the Yellow Van, you can always have confidence that we are dedicated to the integrity of your home. That includes helping your floors make a positive impression!

In addition to offering professional, high-level cleaning services, we provide other protection and care that all go beyond refreshing your flooring — these steps ensure that the ServiceMaster by Ayotte team is providing a clean that lasts. Let’s go over what each of these additional care procedures include.

  • Stain protection. Make a mess without the worry. ServiceMaster by Ayotte can implement stain protection that helps to ease the impact of spills and makes for easier cleanup.
  • Static-proofing. Avoid that dreaded electric shock while simultaneously providing your carpet with a thorough refresh. ServiceMaster by Ayotte’s static-proofing process eliminates stubborn static conductors so that you can focus on simply enjoying the soft surface of your carpet.
  • Post-construction/remodel cleanup. Following a large improvement project, ServiceMaster by Ayotte can help you and your family return to normal more efficiently. Our post-construction and remodel services address all impacted areas of your home, including flooring and carpet that can often act as hosts to a buildup of particles.

Whatever the need, ServiceMaster by Ayotte can establish a plan for your home that ensures that we fully address the flooring and carpet services that you require. We always go above and beyond — and top to bottom!

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a professional residential cleaning with our team.

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