Back to School Treatment for your Floors!

Mud, dirt, pollen, and grass stains — oh my!

Thanks to the multiple heatwaves this summer, you and your family may have been spending a lot of time moving from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. The floors of your home may be looking a little worse for wear!

Whether you require a one-time treatment or reoccurring cleanings in areas large or small, you might be surprised to learn at all of the flooring types that ServiceMaster by Ayotte can tackle!

Tile & Grout Care
Sometimes, no matter how much elbow grease you apply, there are types of flooring that just never feel fully clean. ServiceMaster by Ayotte gets into all the cracks and grooves traditionally found in tile and grout for an efficient, effective, and long-lasting clean.

Complete Carpet Cleaning
When it comes to carpet, people are known to Demand the Yellow Van for a reason! Our intensive approach to carpet gets rid of grime and stains on the surface and well below in the areas that are out of sight.Your carpet will be refreshed and ready to face a new season with proper protection.

Vinyl Floor Care
Well-maintained vinyl can be extremely durable and long lasting. Get the most out of this flooring material with our effective cleaning approach that maintains the integrity of the vinyl, while ensuring that it will last well beyond the school year is over.

Head into the school year with the confidence that comes with a clean home. Enlist the A+ expertise of ServiceMaster by Ayotte today!

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