8 Places Businesses Forget to Clean

We’ve all been there – sitting in a conference room or break room, and noticing the certain areas that may have been missed during the routine cleaning. You don’t want to be THAT business. In our experience, we have seen 8 different areas that may need a deeper clean.

1. Baseboards
Any small surface ledge like your baseboards, top of office cubes, or countertops is where you’ll find dust and who-knows-what-else that has been floating around courtesy of your HVAC system. (Just think, you’re breathing that in too – we can help clean your air ducts!)

2. Vents
As we mentioned above, if you don’t regularly clean your air ducts dust it can create less than optimal breathing conditions. But it isn’t just the inside of the ducts, it is just as important to clean the vents on the openings to remove anything left clinging to them. Also, check the ceiling tiles around upper vents, they are prone to collecting dust as well.

3. Behind Large Equipment
Has that same printer and copier been in your office since you started and not moved? Imagine what is behind that thing. *shudders*

4. Ceiling Fan Blades and Light Fixtures
You may not notice until the fan is shut off, but spinning around those blades collect a lot of what is floating around your office. Same with nearby light fixtures, the burial ground for office bugs.

5. Walls and Frames
Are the walls in your office textured or boast an undoubtedly trendy wallpaper? Are those motivational posters around your office collecting more than just eye rolls? Check for grimy fingerprints or film and give them all a good dusting.

6. Office Kitchen and Break Room
What’s that smell? We aren’t sure, but it is always a good idea to check your fridge and cupboards and throw out any old and expired goods.

7. Seating Arrangements
Has the sun faded your office upholstery? Do a lot of different people use these daily? Imagine what is lurking in those fibers.

8. Plants
Artificial or real plants, it doesn’t matter they all collect dust and possibly office bugs!

Did you walk around your office and check out all the areas we mentioned above? It’s ok, don’t freak out – call ServiceMaster by Ayotte! We can help!

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