The 7 Best Carpet Maintenance Tips

david-lezcano-265816.jpgCarpet can make or break your home. The right carpet can finish a room in style, provide atmosphere and create a space for you to enjoy your house. Similarly, neglected carpet can bring the dirt level up and the cozy feeling down. This is why good carpet maintenance is so important. With proper care, a carpet can withstand years of wear, spills, dinner parties and celebrations. Use these 7 tips as a starting point for crafting a carpet maintenance plan that works for your home. Remember, what you put into your carpet in the form of care; you’ll get back ten-fold with a house you can truly call a home.

Set a regular vacuuming schedule

  • Every other week use the crevice tool for hard-to reach places such as baseboards and radiators.
  • Go slowly and go over high traffic areas twice
  • Baking soda added to the vacuum bag can reduce odors

 Know when your carpet needs to be deep cleaned. If your carpet has these signs, then a deep and restorative clean is immediately necessary:

  • Carpet is matted and feels sticky
  • Carpet is no longer the same color when the carpet was new
  • Carpet has grimy circles around furniture
  • Carpet releases a cloud of dust, dander and pet hair when walking across

Understand and use both steam clean and restorative cleaning

  • Deep cleaning will remove trouble spots, stains and messes
  • Deep clean every 6 months – check out the ServiceMaster guide to help you decide the correct schedule
  • Restorative cleaning will bring back bounce, freshness and feel
  • Restorative clean every year – check out theServiceMaster guide to help you decide the correct schedule

Remove stains, spills, and accidents RIGHT away. The longer something sits, the harder it will be to remove.

  • Keep club soda on hand. It can work miracles. See here.

Choose and use the correct vacuum

  • Make sure your vacuum is set to the correct height
  • Make sure your vacuum has options – such as crevice cleaning attachments

Trim snags right away

  • Never pull them!
  • Try using small nail scissors
  • Keep scissors sharp to allow you to easily clip carpet and not risk snagging another fiber

Monitor the high traffic areas and give them TLC

  • An area rug or runner might be a good (and less expensive) solution for protecting carpet in high traffic areas

Reach out to ServiceMaster Clean with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We back our work up with 60+ years of industry expertise and a passion for excellence and customer service.

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