6 Tips to Safely Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey

If you’re to get stuffed this Thanksgiving season with delicious deep fried turkey then listen up – there are more cooking fires on Thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. With these stats, safety is important! Here are tips for frying your bird that will keep you and your guests safe:

1 – Stay Outdoors
Turkey’s like to be outdoors. This no exception when it comes to deep frying them. Set up your fryer aware from your home in an open area and keep both children and pets away. Never leave it unattended.

2- Use a Level Surface
Place the fryer on a level surface and where it cannot be easily tipped over. Do not move it once it is in use.

3 – Thaw Your Turkey
Make sure your turkey is thawed and dry. Any extra water will cause the oil to bubble like crazy and spill over. It the oil spills onto the burner, it can cause a fryer.

4 – Read Instructions
Make sure to read instructions on the amount of oil to use and the recommended turkey size.

5 – Track the Temperature
Keep track of the oil’s temperature. Many dryers do not have their own thermostats. The lid and handle can become very hot and cause burns.

6 – Be Prepared
Wear protective goggles to protect against oil splatters. Be prepared and have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times in case of a fire.

We hope you enjoy your tasty Thanksgiving turkey, and remember that ServiceMaster by Ayotte is here for all your disaster restoration needs. Happy Thanksgiving!

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