5 Easy Steps to Clean Technology

In today’s world, we use some form of technology every day. So, it is no secret that our phones, computers, TVs, etc. get dirty with grime and gunk. We have made a list of a few tips and tricks for cleaning your technology!  


  • Help your screen sparkle again by using a damp microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning rag! If you have a case on your phone, you can clean that with the fabric also. Do not use any alcohol wipes as this could scratch your phone.  
  • If you are having trouble charging your phone, it could be that there is lint and fuzz in your port. The best way to clean those tiny areas out is with a toothpick!  


  • To help get the dirt and ear wax out of your earbuds, use a toothbrush (not the one you’re using for your teeth!) and gently brush them! Once you have done that, clean the outside with soapy water on a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to get water in the earbuds! 


  • Just like the phone screen, you cause a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning rag to wipe your scene of dust and fingerprints. Use it dry to remove dust, and if there is still grime, you can dampen the rag. 
  • Keep your keyboard dust-free by using compressed air or taking a clean make-up brush and wiping it over the keys! For a deeper clean dampen a cotton ball or tissue with rubbing alcohol. This will take the oils away left from your fingerprints.   

Remember: Do not use any alcohol wipes on screens!  

We hope you find these tips helpful! For more useful cleaning tips, check out our blog. If you have any questions about cleaning or are looking to schedule an appointment with one of our professional cleaners, contact ServiceMaster by Ayotte today tel: (507) 366-7149 

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