4 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for a Safe Thanksgiving

The holidays are almost here! Time to crack open that cookbook and start dreaming up the perfect meal! taylor-grote-309695.jpg

Before you get too deep into the perfect gravy recipe and finding the perfect turkey – do you know if your kitchen is prepped for a safe holiday? Get peace of mind and win holiday cooking by using these 4 tips to get your kitchen prepped for holiday fun!

1. Appliance check-up

Appliances need to be prepared and ready to go for holiday dinners. Check each appliance you plan on using: Microwave, oven, crockpot, food processor, mixer. Make sure each is ready to work- look for frayed cords, burn spots, or broken pieces and then fix as necessary. Nothing is worse than an electrical fire or a food processor falling apart.

2. Remove Clutter

Go through and remove all flammable objects in your kitchen. A best practice is to remove items placed near the oven and stove and clear the area behind the microwave. For example, children’s art projects, decorations, string, photos and similar items should not be hanging over your stove rage. Similarly, your microwave shouldn’t be covered by a curtain or sitting near the sink. Find places for towels and pot holders and make sure they are not on the edge of counters or shelves. Don’t forget; floors can be cluttered too. Secure rugs to the floor, remove slippery mats, tack on no- skid pads to rugs as necessary.

3. Check Fire Alarms

Double check fire alarms. Make sure batteries are new and ensure devices are securely fastened to the wall or ceiling. Remember: Don’t disable fire alarms! A sobering study from Liberty Mutual showed that almost two-thirds of house-fire deaths are the result of homes without working smoke alarms or in homes where fire alarms have been disabled. If you are worried about ventilation in the kitchen, have a floor fan on hand to create airflow.

4. Invest in Extra Timers

Seems simple, but 42% of consumers say they have caused a kitchen fire by being distracted and not hearing a timer go off. Sure, you may have a phone alarm, but a back up is always necessary and smart if your family has young children, loud pets, or lives on a busy street.

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