4 Easy Steps to Wine Stain Removal


Nothing can ruin a party like a spilled glass of wine on your carpet. It doesn’t matter if your carpet is new or old or if the wine is red or white, there is no reason to panic. By responding immediately, and following the basic four steps of wine stain removal, you can save your carpet and still enjoy the party. Consider mixing up a little of the hand dishwashing and hydrogen peroxide solution (mentioned below) in advance of any parties or events you have at your home. 

The Basics of Wine Stain Removal

  1. Blot the stain immediately. Use a clean white cloth to blot up as much of the red wine as you can. Alternate parts of the cloth to quentin-dr-178096.jpgalways blot using a fresh spot.
  2. Add a little water to the stained area.
    1. Pour a small amount of water onto the red wine stain on the carpet and continue blotting. The water dilutes the red wine, which makes it easier to blot up.
    2. Switch out the blotting cloth for a dry one as you work. Continue blotting until no more stain can be removed.
  3. Make a baking soda paste. Mix a paste with a 3 : 1 ratio of baking soda to water. Apply paste directly to the carpet stain. Let it dry then vacuum up the paste.
  4. Apply a carpet stain remover. Apply a carpet stain remover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, it is best to wait until the stain remover dries and then vacuum.

Tips for Wine Stain Removal

  • While it is not always possible, test any carpet stain removal techniques or new products on a hidden area of your carpet to make sure of the results.
  • If the carpet is white, you can mix one part clear hand dishwashing liquid with two parts hydrogen peroxide in place of using a commercial carpet stain remover. Sponge on, blot off, rinse well. Don’t use mixture on colored carpet.
  • If you are short on time or in the middle of entertaining guests, blot with paper towels, sprinkle salt on the stain and return to your event. Salt will absorb the wine that wasn’t blotted up, and it can be vacuumed away. Then follow the steps above.
  • If you don’t catch the stain right away, treating it can be a tad more difficult. Saturate the stain with hot water, apply a pre-treatment and then apply any commercial remover on the stain for up to 10 hours (depending on the size of the stain and if you know it wont damage your carpet)
  • If everything you try fails to remove the stain, it is time to reach out to ServiceMaster Clean with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We back our work up with 60+ years of industry expertise and a passion for excellence and customer service.


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