3 Things to Do When You Notice Water Damage

Water damage is a scary thing, and can leave homeowners feeling helpless and in a panic. Water damage can occur in any part of your home like a flooded basement, ceilings, floors, exteriors/foundations, attics, or roofs. Once you have identified the problem area, take the necessary steps to prevent further damage. Make sure to give the experts at ServiceMaster by Ayotte a call at the first signs of water damage, until we can arrive here are some action steps to take immediately if possible:

If possible, shut off the power to your home, and make sure no electrical appliances or devices are dangerous if they have come in contact with water.

Remove the water so you can assess the damage. A mop and towels will be useful to clean up the water, but if it is a case of a flooded basement you may need to purchase a new pump to help you.

To effectively start drying the wet area, remove all damp objects. Make sure to file an insurance as soon as possible after the water damage.

Start to dry the area. Buy or rent fans, a dehumidifier may also be helpful to remove excess moisture.

Stop mold in its tracks. Call the professionals at ServiceMaster by Ayotte if you haven’t already so they can properly clean your water damaged area.

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