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On February 22, 2017

Commercial Carpet Care


Spots & Spills – they are often the first thing your visitors notice when entering your facility.  Left untreated, these pesky spots can turn into permanent stains on your carpeting, leaving a negative impression on your business.  When accidents occur, acting quickly can be the difference between a quick fix and a permanent blemish.  So what should you do?

You, or your Janitorial Cleaning Company, should be checking for spots daily.  Treated quickly,  spots are easy to remove and can clean up leaving no permanent damage to your floor surface.  In addition, your carpeting should be vacuumed regularly.  Routine vacuuming will help eliminate excess dirt and debris from building up on your carpet, leaving a cleaner surface overall.  If you do encounter a spill, blot the area immediately with a clean towel.  Continue blotting until you are no longer absorbing the liquid.  Remember, blot, not rub!  Follow up with a good carpet spotter.  If the spill is large, call in your professional carpet cleaner to professionally clean the area.

Timing is everything, so in the event you encounter a spot or a spill on your commercial carpet, act quick.  For more information on our professional Janitorial and Commercial Floor Care services, call 877.945.0993 or visit us online at www.SMbyAyotte.com


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