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On August 1, 2016

Pre-Loss Planning

Disaster is not a word any business owner wants to hear.  However, planning for the worst is the best for your business.  At ServiceMaster by Ayotte we have the tools every business needs to begin that planning.  Disasters happen and when they do, there are potentially enormous risks to people and structures.  With our planning guide, many of the losses inflicted on employees, physical structures and contents can be avoided.  Forming a disaster plan and taking the necessary preventative measures may mitigate the destructive effects in the event of a catastrophe.

Helping put a business continuity or contingency plan in place is our goal for every business within the communities we serve (and beyond).  Those goals can include, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring employee safety before, during and after an event
  • Minimize interruptions to business operations
  • Limit the severity of the disruption
  • Establish alternative means of operation
  • Resume critical operations within a specified time
  • Expedite the restoration of services
  • Assure customers their interests are protected
  • Maintain a positive image of the organization
  • Minimize financial loss
  • Train personnel and familiarize them with emergency operations
  • Establish awareness

Are you ready to start the planning process?  Don’t wait – call us today to schedule your Pre-Loss Planning appointment.  Let the experts at ServiceMaster by Ayotte help ensure you are prepared when disaster strikes!

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