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Satisfied Customer - ServiceMaster - Northfield, Mn

“Guidel did an amazing job cleaning up my dog’s mess. He is such a great representative for your company. I would give him the highest recommendation. Thank you for a job well done!”

– Terry

“They did an excellent job!”

– Marv

“I appreciate the help. We were delighted with the service we got from your team. They were excellent and we would be happy to recommend your service anytime.”

– Rick J.

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We had a fire in our home on 8/2/09. House was hit by lightning and we had a fire in the attic. House was just 3 years old, and to have something like this was a little more then we could handle. The whole 2nd story of our home had to be taken off the house. We had 4 huge bedrooms on the 2nd floor plus 1 bath. Our insurance adjuster called ServiceMaster for us. Within a hour ServiceMaster was at our door. They looked over the damage and within a short period on time (same day) the ServiceMaster crew was at the house boxing up our belongings. They were very careful about wrapping everything, putting bubble wrap on furniture etc. I had a junk room up stairs that was full, again everything was wrapped and carefully put into boxes and hauled away, cleaned and stored for us until we were ready to move everything back into the house. Everything that stayed in the house was cleaned before the rest of our stuff was returned. ServiceMaster did an outstanding job for us. I was really surprised that ServiceMaster did this kind of work. I thought they just cleaned carpets and drapery. This whole experience has been less stressful for us thanks to ServiceMaster. I would recommend them.Outstanding job and well done! You have a great crew working for you. Thank you ServiceMaster!

– Dave and Joyce

We had a sewer back-up in our basement and my husband was out of town. I didn’t know what to do so I called my plumber first to take care of the drain and then ServiceMaster to clean up the mess…what a great experience! Their knowledgeable staff came right away to start the process of cleaning out my basement. During their cleaning they found mold…of all things…mold! They took care of that too! ServiceMaster worked directly with my insurance agent and adjuster to make the process as smooth as possible for me. I greatly appreciate the effort and the work that went into getting my home back to normal and would reccomend ServiceMaster to anyone I know!

– Sandy

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