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Ozone…what is it?

Ozone is used to deodorize and restore customer’s belongings after a loss. Ozone is created by passing a powerful electrical charge through ordinary air, bonding an extra oxygen atom to the normal O2 molecule. The extra atom will break off to bond with airborne particles, chemically neutralizing odors. This O3 formation is naturally unstable and will eventually break down without contacting any particles, but until it does the properties of the air have been altered. The creation of the O3 molecule makes the oxygen even more corrosive than usual, causing rapid breakdown in rubber products and oxidation of metals. Too high a concentration will irritate eyes and lungs, and can actually poison pets and humans over time. Ozone is a very effective odor neutralizer, but it must be used in a carefully controlled environment.

ServiceMaster by Ayotte does have portable ozone units that we can place in homes or businesses after a fire or a place suffering from some other environmental contaminant. We will only use them under the right circumstances and when we can be sure that no one will be in the area and in contact with the ozone material. 

ServiceMaster by Ayotte also has a dedicated ozone chamber in our warehouse which we use to deodorize furniture and personal items. After vacuuming and cleaning, they are locked in the chamber for 24-48 hours and exposed to heavy ozone concentrations. This method is highly successful even for difficult items such as mattresses, armchairs, sofas, and regular wood furniture and household items which might otherwise be unsalvageable.

Our warehouse and ozone chamber can be visited at any time if you are interested in more information our would like a tour of our facility. Contact us at anytime for details.

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2 Responses to “Ozone…what is it?”

  1. Jeanine says:

    HI ,
    I have some chef coats that I received from overseas and they arrived with mold. Do you have a restoration place with a ozone chamber ?

  2. smclean says:

    Our location in Northfield MN has an ozone chamber. If you have questions please contact us at 877-945-0993.

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