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Ayotte’s Take Home Multi-Million Dollar Award

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

photoBeth Ayotte Naumann accepted an award for hitting the multi-million dollar revenue level in 2012  at the ServiceMaster Clean Spring Workshop held in Rochester, MN.  

The Ayotte’s achieved this level through the combination of all of their service lines – Residential, Commercial, Janitorial and Disaster Restoration services.  Without the help of our dedicated service teams and our loyal customers this achievement would not be possible.  We are blessed and very thankful to be able to provide a high level of service to all of our partners in business.

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Ice Dam Information and Removal Inspection

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.55.14 PMStill wondering about those ice dam’s….here is a great reference on protecting what you value most – your home!

Ice Dams – Homeowner Safety

For your free ice dam removal inspection and prevention assessment call ServiceMaster by Ayotte today – 507.366.7149


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Ice Dams Got you Down?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

ice dam picIce Dams got you down? Minnesota has received a lot of snow over the last 48 hours – and the temperatures are on their way up. With melting snow on your roof causing ice dams you need to be aware of the damage that these can cause inside your home.

You may be wondering how to clean off the ice dam’s building on your roof line….we have the answer!  Call ServiceMaster by Ayotte – Specializing in safely steam cleaning your ice dam worries away.  507.366.7149 or toll free at 877.945.0993

For more information about ice dams – visit our previous post.

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Unsure – Frozen Pipes

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Did you wake up this morning to find your water not running like it normally does?  That is exactly what happened to customer’s Jen and Tim.  There was no apparent water damage to speak of, but the water was not flowing thru their pipes.  They made the choice and called in for help right away.  Within a few short hours a team was on site surveying their problem.  Thru the use of the thermal imaging camera, it was discovered that in their garage the hot water lines for the master bath above ran on the outside corner of their home; with the frigid temperatures the line partially froze.  By adding some extra heat into the garage below the bathroom, the pipes slowly thawed and disaster was prevented – no bursting pipes or water to clean up.  Will you be as prepared as Jen and Tim were?

If you think you may have a frozen pipe or a slow leak due to a burst, don’t wait for the damage to become noticeable.  ServiceMaster by Ayotte and DCI are equipped to come out today and scan your home, just like they did for Jen and Tim.  Call us today for more information on Thermal Imaging – 877.945.0993


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We are not just restoring homes, we are restoring Peace of Mind.

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

ServiceMaster by Ayotte knows our community. Trust a local company to provide you with your disaster restoration needs. Call us anytime for emergency services. (877) 945-0993

Click here to see our VIDEO

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Spooktacular Events

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Our staff had too much fun this morning at our Spooktacular breakfast.  Voting is open for your favorite costume.  Check us out on facebook too –


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ServiceMaster by Ayotte and Thermal Imaging Technology

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

In the cleaning, restoration and construction business, a lot of what we do can be seen.  However, there is an aspect to our inspection process that a visual eye or a moisture meter can not detect.  In order to rule out the uncertainty in the unseen, SMbA, partnered with DCI, have added Thermal Imaging to our arsenal of offerings. 

What is Thermal Imaging?  According to Wikipedia, “Infrared thermography (IRT)thermal imaging, and thermal video are examples of infrared imaging science. Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 9,000–14,000 nanometers or 9–14 µm) and produce images of that radiation, called thermograms. Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects above absolute zero according to the black body radiation law, thermography makes it possible to see one’s environment with or without visible illumination. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows one to see variations in temperature. When viewed through a thermal imaging camera, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds; humans and other warm-blooded animals become easily visible against the environment, day or night. As a result, thermography is particularly useful to military and other users of surveillance cameras.” (

Some of the areas we will be using Thermal Imaging are in detecting Electrical Problems, HVAC Problems, Mold and Rot, Destructive Pests, Missing Insulation, Water Damage and Air Infiltration.


For more information on how Thermal Imaging can help you or to schedule your inspection, contact Beth Ayotte Naumann at or Hans Naumann at


For more information on Thermal Imaging click here.

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Employee Resource Page Added

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

we have added a new page to our website – check it out:


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SMbA at the MN Horse & Hunt Club – Prior Lake, MN

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

It was Thursday March 1st, 2012 at 10:23 a.m. and the call came in as most losses do….”We have water everywhere…..I need your help NOW!”, proclaimed Terry Correll, General Manager at the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club.  There was some uniqueness to this call, however, as Terry is a personal friend Danny Ayotte (my business partner and father) and it was almost 9 years earlier that my husband, Hans Naumann, and I said “I Do” at this very same venue.

By 11:30 a.m., Danny and I were onsite to inspect the damage. A piece on their Fire Compression System gave way and 55,000 gallons of water poured into the basement of the club – the area where all storage, office and gun club check in is located – a hub for all avid hunters!  If it were not for the quick response of an exterior contractor and the endless work of the club’s staff, damage could have been worse.  But Terry knew who to call and with all of the staff’s help, our team at SMbA had the lower level mitigation underway within 2 hours of Terry’s initial call.  Although the circumstances were unique (the club stayed open during the entire mitigation and repairs process), the job could not have gone smoother.  But don’t take my word for it, here is what Terry and his staff had to say….

MN Horse & Hunt Club Testimonial

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Spring Brings Annual Ayotte Adventure

Monday, March 12th, 2012

March is here and with the record setting warm weather, we are all more than ready for winter to be gone for good and spring to be ever-present! At ServiceMaster by Ayotte we couldn’t agree more! This year we are so excited to celebrate spring, our team has put together a Spring Incentive package so we can welcome spring (and summer) with our top referral partners. Hold on to your seats because this is not just a one-time deal either! We are excited to announce our First Annual Ayotte Adventure that will continue on for what I hope will be many years to come (is forever too long?).

So what’s the catch? There is none. It is simple – we value you and your business. It is our job to take care of your customers, who too, are our customers. We want to make your job easier and ultimately, we want to ease the pain to a client who suffers a disaster of any nature – big or small. We (both ServiceMaster by Ayotte and DCI) are standing by 24/7 to help you out. The catch I guess is this – you need to utilize our on line ‘Assign a Claim’ form via our website ( or thru our soon-to-come QR Code. That is it! A customer of yours needs help (water or fire mitigation, restoration repairs, mold, trauma or specialty cleaning, or even just a ladder assist or inspection) – you electronically ‘Assign’ the work request to us. Just log on to or and click on the ‘Assign a Claim’ tab in the upper right hand corner and you are done. We guarantee a response within 1 hour! Of course you can always call us direct at 877.945.0993, reference the ‘Assign a Claim’ and we will enter it in for you.

We appreciate the trust you are putting in us to help you and your clients!

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